FOU project

Academic artistic research and development with a focus on art in science, bioart and international collaborations.
i/o/lab seeks to stimulate national productions of art intersecting science 


Read more about current projects:

ARTICLE - For the upcoming Article biennial we are initiating development of artworks exploring light as both artistic medium and that may explore light in terms of color range, illusions, kinetic installations, perception psychology, optical phenomena, electrochemical , biochemical and biologically conditioned light and processes that inspire and challenge our understanding and perception of light

EU PROJECT ENLIGHT - In collaboration with Curated Place, MIRIAD, Manchester School of Art and Foundatione Mondo Digitale i/o/lab is part of the EU project that will lead up to development of our program for Article biennial 2018.

NORDIC DYIbio NETWORK - The newly formed Nordic network offers a series of exchange meetings and workshops that would constitute and shape the network of individuals and organisations from Northern, Baltic and other European countries. In one year four events will be organized in five different partner locations – Vilnius, Helsinki, Stavanger, Malmö and Kolding – creating a nomadic forum for exchange of hacks, ideas, working methods, discoveries, experiences and future visions. Join our workshop in Stavanger February 2018 !

BIOLAB - In collaboration with Creator Makerspace in Stavanger we have established Biolab, a laboratory and physical meetingspace between art and science where learning and project development will take place. There will be workshops arranged throughout the year, follow i/o/lab on facebook for announcements of workshop events

HUMANFUEL - A project instigating our anthroposcentric relation to our world and a comment to the discussion about alternative biofuel.