LET THERE BE LIGHT! - call for art projects

posts/5918490 i/o/lab is calling for Nordic - especially Norwegian artists with projects involving light.
The selected art projects will be presented under the Article biennale 2018

eye Historically, both science and art have been fascinated by all the different spectra and qualities that light holds. By studying the light, we have gained knowledge of our world, developed new technology,and been inspired by magical experiences. For the upcoming Article biennial, we are looking for projects that may be exhibited over an extended period of time, which make use of or reflect on the theme LIGHT - this could be projects that explore light in terms of color range, illusions, kinetic installations, perception psychology, optical phenomena, electrochemical , biochemical and biologically conditioned light and processes that inspire and challenge our understanding and perception of light, which can combine science with art and which is suitable meeting with the audience in exhibitions. The project may be an art object or an installation, but we are also open to suggestions for a workshop or a happening. The background for this announcement is to find good projects that can be presented during the Article biennial 2018.
The article biennale opens about 25 September and lasts until 1 November. Parts of the exhibited works of the Article biennale will continue to the following tour exhibition to Kunsthall Grenland, Porsgrunn.

Please use this application form 

The deadline for submitting good project proposals is 3 October 2017