i/o/lab presentation at PIKSEL 15 seminar Get A-Life

i/o/lab presented the interest in the field of arts & science by working with artists that takes into use science and biotechnology in their works.

Piksel is an annual festival for artists and developers working with free and open source software, hardware and art. The 12th edition of the Piksel Festival be\O/art at 2014 was devoted to show a series of artistic works, performances and workshops dealing with DIY BioArt. The genre involves creative tinkering with organic tissue, life processes, live organisms and bacteria.

At this year edition Piksel wants to get deeper into the subject hosting the first Bioart Seminar in Bergen. Guest artists, curators and researchers will share their knowledge and experiences through three days of presentations, workshops and exhibitions.

Experts speakers have been specifically chosen from their original approaches, researches and/or transversal knowledge applied to the field of biotechnology, biometrics, bioart, artificial life
(A-life), nanotechnology, environmental data analysis, bioinformatics based on Open/Free software and hardware, do it yourself (DIY) and do it with others (DIWO) learning and teaching methods applied to bioart; A-life and bioinformatics speculative projects done by artists; artists and biotechnology: bioethics applied to the practice of bioart.