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Haptosonics exhibition at KinoKino

Can fabrics feel? Can touch of fabrics become music?

Art exhibition with technological fabrics where the interactive work presents a width in a narrow field: technology, audio and textile. This is an international exhibition of active artists who excels by working with "touch" and tactility, the exhibition puts focus on a big part of most people's everyday lives where we surround ourselves with new technology.

Artists: Zane Berzins and Jackson Tan, Anna Biro, Luke Fischbeck, Tincuta Heinzel.
Organizer: KINOKINO Centre for Art and Film in collaboration with i/o/lab and Atelier Nord ANX.
Exhibition period February 20. - April 12. 2014 at KinoKino - Centre for Art and Film in Sandnes

Review of the exhibition in Billedkunst: http://www.billedkunstmag.no/node/13869