February artist Public Art Screens

https://amp.amebaownd.com/posts/5931578 Throughout the year Public Art Screens will present various international artists in collaboration with our new partner
-  the London-based online art platform Sedition. Every month a new artist will be presented with 4-5 works.

February 2016 we are showing the works of 

Angelo Plessas - Greek/Italian artist Angelo Plessas uses the internet as his preferred medium to explore the virtual realities and virtual lives composed and conducted by real people in a real world. We will be screening some of the works from the series Auto-Monuments - a series of short videos created entirely on the iPhone. The artist composes forms and structures in various settings with the use of an app called Matter, and these creations are shared periodically on Instagram. For the Breeder Instagram project Plessas created a new series, using as a point-of-departure photos from his 2013 trip to the surrealist garden of Las Pozas in Mexico.

The artists profile page: http://www.seditionart.com/angelo_plessas

Collection link: http://www.seditionart.com/angelo_plessas/collections

Sedition is the world’s leading online platform where artists display and sell their art in digital format for connected screens and devices. Through this collaboration we hope to inspire people to start their own collection of art offering a chance to view their art anywhere from their TVs, tablets and smartphones!

Visit our new partner here: http://www.seditionart.com