DIY A-Life seminar at PIKSEL / November 19

Piksel is opening its 15th festival November 17th-22nd in Bergen, Norway
Piksel is an annual event for artists and developers working with free and open source software, hardware and art.

During Piksel DIY A-life seminar - i/o/lab will be presenting some experiences and issues relating to art involved with biotechnology. The presentation will showcase some of the artists and projects i/o/lab has been involved collaborating with mainly for the Article biennial over the years. The cases will assess reflections to how art can make use of open source knowledge and facilities, DIY approach and collaborations with scientists for their artistic research, also how art may emphasize feelings of uneasyness and creating new layers and reflections of synthetic technology. 

For full program to the seminar go to this link:

Piksel is one of the partners to the EEA project North Creative Network that i/o/lab is part of.