A challenging and tastefull evening with the event Artmeatflesh II

Saturday 6 October, we presented the Norwegian version of ArtMeatFlesh II - a culinaric and philosophical evening with the future of food on the agenda and menu. Through presentations, videos, questions from the audience and 10 different dishes, our mind and palate was inspired to new reflections on today's food production and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Through the form of a cook game, the teams were challenged to use the secret ingredients of "Fetal Bovine Serum" - which is the culture serum to produce in vitro meat. Oron Catt introduced the evening's theme and ingredient. Researchers Liv Torunn Mydland and Roger Strand shared their knowledge and reflections on our food production. The artists Zack Denfeld and Cathrine Kramer contributed their reflections and artistic adaptions on the food. Chefs Atle Lura and Rune Larsen contributed with their excellent creative expertise. Through the menu we would find dishes named "BODY WITHOUT AUTHORITY MEAT", "ILLUSTRATING IN VITRO MEAT" and "MUM`S MEAT CAKE REMIX" the audience ate and talked through the evening. Photos from the evening is taken by Simon Serigstad and can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/simonserigstad/sets/72157631727856298/