• Rafaël Rozendaal

April artist Public Art Screens - Rafaël Rozendaal

Throughout the year Public Art Screens will present various international artists in collaboration with our new partner
-  the London-based online art platform Sedition. Every month a new artist will be presented with 4-5 works.

April 2016 we are showing the works of 

Rafaël Rozendaal - the artist uses the internet as his canvas. His artistic practice consists of websites, installations, drawings, writings and lectures. Spread out over a vast network of domain names, he attracts a large online audience - over 15 million visits per year. Rozendaals work researches the screen as a pictorial space, reverse engineering reality into condensed bits, in a space somewhere between animated cartoons and paintings.

The artists profile page: https://www.seditionart.com/rafael_rozendaal

Collection link: https://www.seditionart.com/rafael_rozendaal/collections

Sedition is the world’s leading online platform where artists display and sell their art in digital format for connected screens and devices. Through this collaboration we hope to inspire people to start their own collection of art offering a chance to view their art anywhere from their TVs, tablets and smartphones!

Visit our new partner here: http://www.seditionart.com

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