Dokumentation of panel on cancer and research (in Norwegian)

During the opening weekend of Article biennial panels was arranged, we have documented the panel and share this on Vimeo

Paneldebate 2 - On the track of causes to cancer

The opening program to Article offers exciting debates about DNA technology in art, investigation and diagnosis of cancer.
Why are healthy cells transformed into cancer cells? DNA analysis puts doctors and scientists on the trail of reasons for cancer.
In cooperation with Norwegian Cancer Genomics Consortium (NCGC) and the Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board.

Introduction, Professor Ola Myklebost (NCGC)

Oncologist Lynne Gilje, Stavanger University
Section Head of Molecular Pathology Emiel Janssen, Stavanger University
Professor Ola Myklebost Radium Hospital
Cancer Researcher Niklas Nordgård, University of Stavanger

Panel discussion led by Sissel Rogne, Director of Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board
The discussion will be in Norwegian