Highlights to come

Here is a little reminder of things worth to experience in the forthcoming period:

* The conference kicks off this year's Article Biennale 14.og 15th September

Here is the list of artistic performances to experience as of September 15:

* Wednesday 15.sept. at 17.00 - the opening of Nele Azevedos installation at the stairs of the town square- join in and put in place 1300 small sculptures of little men and women on the stairs and watch them melt away.

* Terike Haapoja's video installation "Entropy" in the Bishop's Chapel next to the Cathedral might be nice to see afterwards - after this artistic statement where we recommend that you take in Steve Reich concert in the Cathedral beginning 19:00

* Are you in the area Arneageren please visit Sølvberget Culture house and watch Andrea Polli's video installation that illuminates our relationship to the weather.

*-Frustrated? - Lacking meaning and purpose? - Is life unstable? Please visit Simon Høgsberg sitting in the town square and get free tutoring/guidance and coffee between 12.00 and 17.00

* For those who take out money at Sandnes Sparebank ATMs will get to see Simon Høgsberg photo / video work "we are all gonna die" - a reminder of the values in life?

* If you are in the radical ecological corner you should come to Tou Scene16.sept. 10.00 - 17.00
- then you will get thorough introduction to everything from worm composting to biogas boiler, yes you can even make your own mushroom culture to grow further at home.

* Karolina Sobecka presents her art / design objects at Grafisk Verksted on Nytorget - here you will also find our Article festival office.

* Hoax has put the finishing touches on the work of graffiti Tou Window.

* James Webb will assure you that everything is in perfect order every time you pass the Pavilion in the park.

* What Sophie Jerram and Ubermorgen.com is about to do we will reveal very soon:) - stay tuned!