About i/o/lab

Future Oriented, creative and innovative

i/o/lab Centre for Future Art

i/o/lab is an artist-run organization founded early 2001 and since 2005 has been located at Tou Scene. i/o/lab Centre for Future Art is an active advocate for the arts and new technologies in the region. i/o/lab delivers professional artistic projects that have strengthened the center's institutional status, both nationally and internationally. The organization is affiliated with the national network - Production Network for Electronic Arts (PNEK) and offers a large international network within the field.

The core activity of i/o/lab is to convey art in the intersection of new technology and science to the wider public in the region, with art projects in the form of exhibitions produced for Article Biennial and Public Art Screens.

i/o/lab works with professional artistic research and development with a focus on bioart, new technologies and science by contributing as a resource through presentations, activities and as a partner in the field, both nationally and internationally. i/o/lab also contributes as a partner to regional institutions and businesses.
i/o/lab's expertise extends from production to dissemination and knowledge sharing. The main focus of i/o/lab is to provide innovative and artistic projects through creating meeting places between art and research to a wide range of audiences in the community.
i/o/lab's projects are partly based on the dissemination of art in public spaces.

Larger promoted art projects run by i/o/lab:

Article Biennial - represents the region's most innovative arts festival focusing on media art that expresses contemporary technology and science. Article Biennial is one of the main projects of i/o/lab. Article Biennial has been arranged in the Stavanger region over the years 2006/2008/2010/2012/2015 and now in 2016. Main purpose of Article Biennial is to promote art forms commenting on our contemporary technology and that affects ethical and political issues concerning our time. Article Biennial is a dynamic festival arranged various places and with a new theme for each production.
Check out current program for Article Biennial here:

Public Art Screens - an established distribution channel for contemporary videoart to the public. Public Art Screens is a product that brings videoart to the audience through a unique communication concept. The pilot project Public Art Screens was launched February 2010 - and has since its inception presented over 500 artists. Public Art Screens offers solutions for presenting screen based art in public and semi-public spaces. The concept offers artistic program, flexible display solutions and solution for sound. Public Art Screens artistic program presents international renown artists, every month a new artist is presented with up to five video works. The artistic program of Public Art Screens is curated by i/o/lab.
The project can be found on this website: